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Dale MacLean






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Website: www.dalemaclean.com

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Madeluc Film Ltd.

Producer / Assistant Director

Film & Television

DGC Member since 1987

Producer  - Film/Television Production

Producer/Director/          Madeluc Film Ltd. (Est. 1987, Incorp. 1993)

Asst. Director                      (1987-Present) Personal Services Company for Dale MacLean


Producer/Director            The Space Between  Independent Feature Film (Canada/Spain)

Writer                                    Currently in Development


Producer                               Barking Sisters Inc.

                                                (2014-Present) Television Production Company, specializing in Spanish/Canadian Co-Productions



Dogs With Issues -2014 Televison Pilot

 Reality Televison Pilot starring Spanish dog expert, Amparo Fortea. Exec Producer: Isabella Fortea



Producer                              A44 Films Ltd.

Feature Film Production Company, specializing in International Co-productions

and Executive Production Strategies and Services. Partner/Producer: Lilia Deschamps


 Associate Producer          Cut Throats Nine -Feature Film     In Development

Exec. Prod.: Slash   Exec Prod: Marco Pecota   Prod.: Lilia Deschamps    Dir: Rodrigo Gudino



General Director/              Canspan Film Factory Ltd.

Associate Producer           Feature Film Production Company specializing in International Co-Productions


La Granja de los Malditos  -Feature Film (Canada/Spain) Development

Left Turn -Feature Film  (Canada/USA)  Development

Duel  -Feature Film  (Canada/USA/Spain)  Development

Eclipse -Feature Film  (Cuba/Canada)  Development                           



Assistant Director  - Film/Television Production  


First Asst. Director                   Four Billion Heartbeats  –Saloon Media/National Geographic Channel

(Oct. 2015-Dec 2015)                    Television Special    Prod. Exec: Betty Orr,  Prod.: Kate Bullions,  Dir: James Tovell


 First Asst. Director                   Motives and Murders –Season 4  Cineflix Productions

(Oct. 2015-Dec 2015)                    Television Series    Prod. Exec: Suzanne Chapman,  Series Prod.: Craig Moffit, Dir: David Tebby



First Asst. Director                   Murder U -Season 1 –Cream Productions

(July 2015-Sept. 2015)                  Television Series    Series Prod.: Brian Rice,  Prod. Jeff Wilson, Line Prod.: Mike Wilson, Dir: Daffyd Palfrey



First Asst. Director                   Nowhere to Hide (Rambam) –Season 2  Cineflix Productions

(Jan. 2015-June 2015)                   Television Series   Prod. Exec: Suzanne Chapman  Series Prod.: John Larose, Dir: M. Ricciardelli, D. Tebby



First Asst. Director                   Gangland Undercover -Season 1 Cineflix Productions

(July 2014-Dec. 2014)                   Television Series   Prod.: Stephen Kemp   Line Prod.: Tom Vencelides, Dir: S. Kemp, C. Hindmarch, N. Rawles



First Asst. Director                   Surviving Evil -Season 2 Cineflix Productions

(May 2014-July 2014)                    Television Series    Series Prod.: Philip Desjardins Line Prod.: Mary Petryshyn



First Asst. Director                   Nowhere to Hide (Rambam) –Series 1  Cineflix Productions

(Jan. 2014-May 2014)                   Television Series     Series Prod.: Stephen Kemp   Line Prod.: Tom Vencelides


First Asst. Director                   Dangerous Persuasions -Series One  - eOne Entertainment/Raw TV

(July 2012-Oct. 2012)                    Television Series      Prod.: Pim Vander Toorn, Dean Perlemutter, Steffan Boje


First Asst. Director                   Cybergeddon (2ND Unit)–Aircraft Pictures

(May 2012)                                         Feature Film    Prod. Antony E. Zuiker    Prod. Manager: Szonja Jakovitz


First Asst. Director                   The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh –Rue Morgue Films

(Sept-Nov  2011)                              Feature Film      Dir: Rodrigo Gudino  Exec. Prod.: Marco Pecota, Prod.: Lilia Deschamps 




First Asst. Director                   I Declare War Samaritan Entertainment

(June-August  2011)                       Feature Film  Dir: Jason Lapeyre, Rob Wilson   Prod.: Lewin Webb, Rob Wilson



First Asst. Director                   Damages –MJM Productions for Mothers Against Drunk Driving

(Feb-Mar. 2011)                               2 short films (English and French versions) Prod. Laurie McCurlie, Cindy Hawryluk  



First Asst. Director                   Outlaw Bikers -Season 4  E1 Entertainment

(July -Aug 2010)                              Television Series  Dir: Michelle Metivier  Prod. Pim van der Toorn 



First Asst. Director                   Every Emotion Costs Nite Falls Studios

(Oct-Dec 2009)                                Feature Film  Dir: Darlene Naponse   Prod. Joseph Mansourian



First Asst. Director                   Little Mosque on the Prairie – Season 2 &3 –CBC/Westwind Pictures

(2007 - 2008)                                     Co-Exec. Prod.: Al Magee  Producer: Colin Brunton, Production  Manager: Jim Mauro


First Asst. Director                   Life With Derek– Season 4 –Shaftesbury Films

(Sept.-Oct.. 2007)                           Prod: Daphne Balton, Jeff Beiderman, Laurie, McLarty, Suzanne French



2nd Unit Director                        The Magic Flute Diaries   -Sullivan Enterainment

(June-July 2006)                              Feature Film   Dir: Kevin Sullivan; Exec.Prod: K. Sullivan, T.Grant



First Asst. Director                   The Magic Flute Diaries   -Sullivan Enterainment

(June-July 2006)                              Feature Film   Dir: Kevin Sullivan; Exec.Prod: K. Sullivan, T.Grant



First Asst. Director                   Darcy’s Wild Life - Series 2 –Temple Street Prod./Dufferin Gate

(June-Oct. 2005)                             Prod: Andrea Boyd.  Prod: Michael McMurray.  Prod. Manager: Joanne Rider



2nd Unit Director                        Soul Food: The Series, Season 5   -Paramount Television/Showtime Network

(2003)                                                   Exec.Prod: Salim Akil, Prod: Cathy Gibson PM: Lisa Thomas



First Asst. Director                   Soul Food: The Series, Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  -Paramount Television/Showtime Network

(2000- 2003)                                      37 Episodes. Exec.Prod: Salim Akil, Prod: Cathy Gibson PM: Lisa Thomas



First Asst. Director                   Time of the Wolf   -Chesler/Perlmutter Prod. Co.

(Nov.-Dec. 2001)                              Prod.: Paco Alvarez, Rob VaughnPM: Dean Perlmutter



First Asst. Director                   The Day Reagan Was Shot  -Paramount Pictures

(Dec. - Feb. 2001)                                TV Movie .   Dir: Cyrus Nowrasteh. Producer: Dan Halsted; Producer/PM: Armand Leo



First Asst. Director                   The Piano Man’s Daughter   -Whoopi Goldberg/Sullivan Entertainment

(Sept.-Oct. 1999)                                Feature motion picture.   Dir: Kevin Sullivan. Exec.Prod: Whoopi Goldberg/Kevin Sullivan



First Asst. Director                   P. R.   -Season One  -Sullivan Entertainment

(January 2000)                                  4 x ½ hr television episodes.   Dir: Michael Kennedy



First Asst. Director                   Sleeping Dogs Lie   -Sullivan Entertainment

(June - Aug. 1998)                               2 hr TV movie.   Dir: Stefan Scaini. Prods: Raymond Sager, Elizabeth Young



First Asst. Director                   Happy Christmas, Miss King   -Sullivan Entertainment

(Apr. - June 1998)                               2 hr TV movie.   Dir: Stefan Scaini. Prods: Raymond Sager, Elizabeth Young



First Asst. Director                   Fast Track  -Alliance Communications/Showtime Network

(June, October 1997)                         Television Series   Producers: Larry Gelbart, Gary Markowitz, Sean Ryerson                                    



First Asst. Director                   Wind at My Back -Season I, II, III, IV, V   -Sullivan Entertainment

(1995- 1999)                                           30 Episodes  Executive Producer: Kevin Sullivan     Prod. Ray Sager  Prod. Raymond Storey



Second Asst. Director           Fast Track  -Alliance Communications/Showtime Network

(May-Oct. 1997)                             Pilot/5x 1hr TV episodes.   1ST AD: Roman Buchok; Prod.: Sean Ryerson



Second Asst. Director           Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy (pilot)  -Alliance Communication

(March-April 1997)                          MOW/Pilot.   1ST AD: Roman Buchok  Prod: John Ryan


Second Asst. Director          Wind at My Back -Season I & II -Sullivan Entertainment

 (Sept 1995- Feb. 1997)                 13 x 1 hr TV episodes.  1st AD: Roman Buchok  Prod. Ray Sager 


Second Asst. Director         Street Legal  -CBC Television

(1993 Season)                                   9 episodes   Prod. Manager: Neil Browne   1st AD.: Rico Gerussi

(1992  Season)                                  9 episodes   Prod. Manager: Neil Browne   1st AD.: Rico Gerussi

(1991 Season)                                   9 episodes   Prod. Manager: Neil Browne   1st AD.: Rico Gerussi


First Asst. Director to the following directors: Salim Akil, James Alodi, Kevin Arkadie, Robin Bicknell,

John Bradshaw, Roman Buchok,LeVar Burton, Jeffrey W. Byrd, Audrey Cummings, Stacey Stewart Curtis,

Russell Etough, Harvey Frost, Ken Girotti, Alan Golubof,Rodrigo Gudino, David Hackl, Felicia D. Henderson,

Carl Hindmard, Kevin Hooks, Clark Johnson, Ken Jubenvill, Stephen Kemp, Michael Kennedy, Jason Lapeyre,

Darnell Martin, Don McBrearty, Don McCutcheon, Michael McMurray, Michelle Metivier, David Morton,

Darlene Naponse, Zarqa Nawaz, Cyrus Nowrasteh, Daffyd Palfrey, Rod Priddy, Neil Rawles, Marc Ricciardelli,

Brian K. Roberts,  Michael Robeson, Sean Ryerson, Vic Sarin, Stefan Scaini, Oz Scott, T.J. Scott, Helen Shaver,

Don Shebib, Kevin Sullivan, David Tebby, James Tovell, Robert Townsend, Clement Virgo, Bradley Walsh,

Stephen Williams, Rob Wilson, Anthony Zuiker





1985-1989          Ryerson University –Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                                B.A.A. in Film Studies/Film Production.

                                Four year course completed in 1989. (Graduated with top Honours)


 1978-1982         University of Toronto, Victoria College – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                                B.A. Major in English Literature/Minor in Cinema Studies.

                                Four year course completed in 1982. (Graduated with Honours)